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Zero-Grav Mutant
Enemy Stats
First Encounter Level 2 - Research
Most Common Level R - Reactor
Preferred Weapon Flechette
Primary Attack Acidic Protoplasm Projectiles
Damage (per Hit) 20
Attack Range 6
Hit Points 90
Armor Value 0
Defense Value 2
Disruptability 50%
Perception Medium
Loot nothing (100%)

The Zero-Grav Mutant is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


Specimen # 22 - This curious creature was created from a single-celled organism forced to divide and assume multi-cellular form. Its grotesque size and shape are testimony to our confounded efforts to control the mutation. Evolution of specialized structures are observed. The organism has developed a natural gravity aversion-suspension system and is able to spit balls of protoplasmic acid. This was discovered by accident while the mutant was being transported to another laboratory - it nearly corroded its way out of a holding container.
~ Hans Bichenbach, Head of the Citadel Station Biology Department

The Zero-Grav Mutants appear as floating spherical, shape-shifting entities that fire projectiles at the Hacker, and are found prominently on the Reactor Level of Citadel Station. They are the most mutated and evolved of the biological enemies, thus their origins are nearly impossible to determine.


These mutants are often encountered in groups, which can pose a serious threat, especially in the earlier levels of the Station. Utilize the crouch and lean tactics to fire at them from at least partial cover, or simply throw a Gas Grenade to take care of them right away. They can be easily stunned from a single hit, and are quote vulnerable to the Flechette and Magnum Pistol. Using the SparqBeam, especially when fighting multiple of them at once, will most likely cause it to overheat. Half a clip may be required from the Dart Gun and Minipistol to finish even one off. The gas grenade is the perfect and simple way to finish off more than one at the same time.

Searching their deflated remnants yields absolutely nothing, so don't waste your time.