System Shock 2 - Audio Log
From William Diego
William Bedford Diego
LOG0218-Yanking My Chain
Subject re: Yanking my chain
Date 17.MAR.14
Recipient Anatoly Korenchkin
Level MedSci Deck
Location In the room with an energy recharging station, next to sink in R&D.
Anatoly, there's only so much corporate calisthenics I can go through before I start to feel a little queasy, so let's get down to brass tacks here. We don't like each other. We each have our own motivations for undertaking this mission, so let me give you a little warning. I cannot be circumvented, I cannot be tricked, I cannot be manipulated, and I cannot be bought. You come at me straight and keep the fancy maneuvers for your next board meeting. Just because my father swam with the sharks doesn't mean that I do.
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