Worm Clusters

Large Worm Beaker.png

Small Worm Beaker.png

Type Ammunition
First Found on Engineering Deck (using Beaker)
Recreation Deck
Researchable No
Stackable Yes
Recycleable Yes, 3 Nanites / Worm Cluster
Transmutative Yes
Duplicative 5 for 120 Nanites
Summon Code large worm beaker (8)
small worm beaker (4)

Worm Clusters can be used as ammunition for Exotic, Annelid-based weaponry, such as the Viral Proliferator and the Annelid Launcher. The Worms can be collected by using empty Small and Large Beakers on Piles of Annelid Worms. Small Beakers can collect 4 units of Worms, while Large Beakers collect 8 units of Worms. Remember that empty Beakers cannot be stacked in inventory, whereas filled Beakers can be, so make sure you are aware of the nearby Worm Piles, or stash your Beakers in a safe place. This is by far the rarest ammunition in the game, so it's recommended to save it for the bigger fights (especially when using Annelid Launcher, which uses a lot of them). Being a Psi user really helps, as Molecular Duplication can multiply all ammo units, including Worm Clusters.

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