WormBlood Implant
WormBlood corrected
Type Implant
Research Object
First Found on Operations Deck
Researchable Yes, Research skill: 4
Research Time 1:30 (max)
Chemicals Needed Cu @ 33,4%
Stackable No
Recycleable Yes, 10 Nanites
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code wormblood
The WormBlood Implant is a high-powered blood filtering and reprocessing unit that acts to modify blood-borne annelid tissue so that it is benign in a human host. Because of the highly regenerative nature of these annelids, their tissue, in conjunction with this implant, can be used as a replacement for damaged human tissue. A small insertion port in the implant can be used to import annelid tissue for this use.

While under the effect of this implant, discarded annelid tissue, such as that found in worm piles, can be used for a regenerative effect. Use of annelid tissue in such a fashion while the implant is not powered is strongly discouraged.


  • Right-click on a pile of worms to absorb it (making it disappear) and instantly heal 10 Hit Points.
  • Must be Researched before it can be used, which requires Research skill 4 and a small amount of Copper.
  • The higher your Maintenance skill is, the more charge you can store in this implant.

Strategic Analysis

  • Since this is a fairly specialized function, you probably won't want to keep this active all the time, but rather will swap it in when you want to use it.
  • Worm piles cause toxic damage, so if you're not going to collect them in Small and Large Beakers, you can use this implant to get rid of them so you don't accidentally step on them later.

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