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Virus Mutant


VirusMutant Icon

Enemy Stats
First Encounter Research Level
Most Common Beta Grove
Preferred Weapon Flechette
Primary Attack Flesh Projectiles
Secondary Attack Hand-to-Hand
Damage (per Hit) 45 (Primary)
30 (Secondary)
Attack Range 6 (Primary)
3 (Secondary)
Hit Points 140
Perception Low
Disruptability 10%
Armor Value 0
Defense Value 3
Loot nothing

The Virus Mutant is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


Virus Mutants are mutants created by the V-5 Mutagen Virus. They are predecessors of Hybrids.


Flechettes, Assault Rifles, and Dartguns tend to work well against these enemies. Think of them like upgraded versions of Humanoid Mutants.

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