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The following is a list of all current patches and updates for System Shock and System Shock: Enhanced Edition.

Enhanced Edition

Source Port Update

  • Mod and Fan Mission Support
  • Mod and Fan Mission Menu selection menu
  • Both Mac and PC (DOS/CD) Faces
  • Choice between both higher resolutions (up to 4K) and original resolution.
  • New menu and start up art/logos
  • New options
    • Sensitivity option
    • Blindable keys/customizable controls
  • Modification Menu
  • Widescreen support
  • Adapted to Nightdive's KEX engine
  • Support for both Direct3D and OpenGL
  • Adjustable FOV (Field of View)
  • Smoother camera rotation and translation
  • New control scheme
  • New achievements
  • More bugs fixed.

1e.16 Hotfix

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