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Useless Items
Type Useless Items
First Found Level 1 - Hospital
Dropped by Serv-Bots:
Beverage Container

Human Corpses (some):
Beverage Container
Worker Helmet

Humanoid Mutants:
Beverage Container
Destructible Yes
Hit Points 5 (Wrapper, Beaker, Flask, Vial)
10 (Severed Limb, Skull, Beverage Container, Fire Extinguisher, Phone)
15 (Worker Helmet)
Stackable No

Useless Items are objects in System Shock that can be picked up, but serve no purpose to the Hacker.


During his journey through the Citadel Station, the Hacker finds various human parts and rubbish littering the Station's rooms and corridors, as well as on the bodies of deceased crew members and some of the defeated enemies.

These items serve no practical purpose in the game and can be vaporized from the inventory. To do so, click on the GENERAL tab (third from the left) at the bottom of the MFD, select any red (useless) item, click on the ITEM tab on either side of the screen (second from above) and press the VAPORIZE button.

The inventory also has a barely known Auto-Vaporize function: if the General inventory section is already full (14 items), storing any additional item of that category will automatically vaporize all currently carried red items.

Alternatively, they can be destroyed using even the weakest weapons such as Lead Pipe, the Dart Pistol or the Stun Gun, however using the SparqBeam set on a very low energy setting seems to be the most convenient option.

List of Useless Items

Image Name Description
Wrapper.png Wrapper Can be found on some of the Human Corpses.
Severed Limb.png Severed Limb Gory remains of Citadel's crew members (along with their Severed Heads).
Skull.png Skull Can be found on Serv-Bots.
Beverage Container.png Beverage Container Empty soda can. It can be found on Serv-Bots, some of the Human Corpses and Humanoid Mutants. See also: Soda (System Shock 2)
Beaker.png Beaker Laboratory equipment. Can be found on Serv-Bots.
Flask.png Flask Laboratory equipment. Can be found on Serv-Bots.
Vial.png Vial Laboratory equipment. Rarely found (only on Level 1).
Fire Extinguisher.png Fire Extinguisher Doesn't explode when destroyed.
WorkerHelmet.png Worker Helmet Protective hard hat worn by physical workers. Can be found on some of the Human Corpses.
Phone.png Phone Rarely found (only on Levels 2 and 5), fully 3D object. Explodes harmlessly when destroyed.