System Shock − E-Mail
From Anna Parovski
Anna parovskiCortex Reaver E-Mail
Urgent Plea
Subject urgent plea
Date 06.NOV.72
Recipient Hacker
Level Level 5 - Flight Deck
My God, could there be someone out there?  We have been monitoring security channels and picked up your image from a camera on the hospital level.  I bring you an urgent plea from the resistance on the flight deck.  We are holding off an attacking cortex reaver with all the firepower we have.  It is wounded, but we are desperately low on ammunition.  Please, if you are able, join us in our fight.  We are located to the south, with the codename "gray".  You will have to pass through two convection shafts to reach us.  Together, we can pool our resources.  Please hurry.
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