Unified National Nominate
Type Government Organization
Status Active
Achievements UNN Rickenbacker
William Diego
Location(s) Earth
Unity Secured by Force
~ UNN Motto

The Unified National Nominate (UNN or U.N.N.) was created by the ineffectual governments of Earth's nations to stop the influence of mega governmental corporations abuse, enforce strict corporate laws and shut down corporations that are non-compliant to the new law.


The UNN emerged around 2074 and 2075 out of a general unrest and rebellion against megacorporate government following the Citadel Station disaster. UNN passed the Processing Rationalization Act, according to which technology was to be controlled so AIs would be less likely to go rogue.

Governmental controls over business were stepped up, and national governments instituted severe political controls, using newly built-up military forces and secret police to force control over society and business. Bureaucracy became the watchword of the day and technological development slowed to a crawl, as everything had to be signed and countersigned in triplicate.

Attempting to assume control of all megacorporate holdings, UNN was met by armed resistance from corporate forces, beginning an all-out war between the UNN and the megacorps.

After the fall of the corporations, the UNN began to crack down. The Luddites took control, private sector had rampant technology and UNN had to grow its technological sophistication. Law enforcement officials were replaced by cybernetics such as the M/35-16 Security Bots, which were both strong and tireless and incorruptible.

However, some corporations were not yet powerless and made several defensive stands. One of these was the TriOptimum Corporation who refused to cave into government pressure, still maintaining a standing army and mercenaries. Eventually a truce between the governmental and megacorporate forces was reached and peace was finally achieved.

Although the UNN maintains strategic control, it has failed to win the hearts and minds of the lower classes as citizens view the UNN as just another mega corporation but with power.

Its motto "Unity Secured by Force" implies that it forces its rule onto people and is to some degree militaristic.


The UNN is known to have at least one legislative organ, known as the UNN Senate, whose representatives are called senators.

The UNN is presumably led by the UNN Secretary General, whose office is also referred to as the Home Office.


The UNN maintains a massive army that includes the Marines, the Navy and the OSA. Recruits that join the UNN armed forces are trained in boot camp for 6 months and are able to choose a posting that lasts one year. The UNN also maintains several fleets of space warships including the UNN Rickenbacker, assigned to escort and protect the Von Braun.

The UNN Honor Guard is the armed military staff of the UNN Secretary General's Office.


Notable members and employees include:

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