UNN Rickenbacker
UNN Rickenbacker 2
Owned by UNN
Type Starship
Notable Crew William Diego
SOLDIER G65434-2
Status Unknown
Leader(s) William Diego (former)
The Many (former)
SHODAN (former)
Location(s) Earth (former)
Tau Ceti V (former)
Appears in System Shock 2

The UNN Rickenbacker is a military starship and a major location, the seventh explored in System Shock 2.


After the disaster at Citadel Station, it was decided that all major space explorations, such as those conducted by TriOptimum, should be a joint operation with the UNN. The UNN Rickenbacker was designed and constructed in tandem with the Von Braun, which it escorted on its maiden voyage. Unlike the Von Braun, the Rickenbacker is not equipped with faster-than-light technology and therefore must "piggyback" with the Von Braun in order to transit through lightspeed. This "piggyback" involves an umbilical connection between ships, allowing an exchange of cargo, equipment, and crew.

The captain of the Rickenbacker is William Diego, the hero of the battle of Boston Harbor and son of the infamous Edward Diego.


Rickenbaker Map
Rickenbaker Map 2
Rickenbaker Map 3

The Rickenbacker is divided into three main decks:

Deck A / Pod 1

Deck A consists of the following areas:

  • Von Braun Umbilical (Grav Shafts)
  • Auxiliary Support Control A
  • Auxiliary Support Control B
  • Chemical Store Room
  • Morgue
  • Nacelle A
  • Nacelle B
  • Missile Storage
  • Missile Control

Deck A was heavily damaged by explosions when the Many overran the barricades the surviving military personnel had established. Several parts of the deck are open to space, the atmosphere only held in by force shields, making it difficult to navigate.

Deck B / Pod 2

Deck B consists of the following areas:

  • Meson Accelerator
  • Chapel
  • Pipe Access Shaft A
  • Medical Station

Entering Deck B requires rerouting power, resulting in gravity in the deck switching upside down. The Soldier must walk along the ceiling to work his way through.

Deck C / Bridge

Deck C consists of the following areas:

  • Bridge Command
  • Main Computer Core
  • Escape Pod

Crew Members

Notable crew members on the UNN Rickenbacker include:


New Weapons

New Armor

New Enemies

Logs and E-Mails

Audio Logs



  • While traveling through Deck B's inverted gravity, the player will see an inverted cross upon entering the Chapel. In pop culture this is commonly mistaken to be a satanic symbol, especially given the circumstances in the game (and SHODAN's E-Mail sent just before reaching the Chapel). In real Catholic faith however it is actually a holy symbol: the Cross of Saint Peter - who, according to Catholic canon, was crucified upside-down.


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