Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Race Human (former)
Faction TriOptimum (former)
The Many
Status Killed by the Soldier
Location Von BraunOperations
Game(s) System Shock 2
Voice Actor Laura Baldwin

Turnbull was a security guard on the Von Braun. When Melanie Bronson changed the keylock on the armory on her deck, she complained of having to go back to Deck 4 to find out the new keycode.

When The Many began infecting the crew members, Turnbull was infected and managed to keep a log before she no longer was able to control herself. According to her email, Bronson may have left her to live in hopes of finding some way to counteract the infection.

The player will find her hybrid transformation on the Hydroponic deck. She mentions in the email if someone kills her, she won't hold any grudge because she is already dead.

Audio Logs

MedSci Deck
Hydroponics Deck


  • Due to the reuse of enemy models, her in game Hybrid model appears as a male. Also her avatar seems to be a swap of Bronson's.

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