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Turbo Motion Booster System
Type Hardware Attachments
First Found on Level 1 - Hospital (v1)
Level 4 - Storage (v2)
Destructible No
Stackable Yes

The Turbo Motion Booster System or Booster is a Hardware Attachment found in System Shock. This experimental motion-boosting system uses mini-repulsors and built-in skates to propel the wearer forward at high speed. The skate function causes you to move faster in all directions with some loss of control, while the boosters give you a constant, forward velocity and high turning speed. Booster can be used to do a ramp jump. Present models do not allow the user to decelerate, but designers are working on the problem.


To use, press the appropriate Side Icon or "9". Switch between modes with the MFD. Stamina is not drained by ground movement in boost mode, and is drained very slowly in skate mode.

If your power is drained, the skate mode cannot be activated, despite using no power (not tested with V1).


Version Energy Usage Function
v1 0 JPM Activates skates (150% max speed).
v2 0/40 JPM Activates skates (150% max speed) or Turbo (200% max speed).