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Trioptimum Fun Pack Module
FunPack Module Icon
Type Software Programs
First Found on Level 1 Cyberspace (Ping)
Level 2 Cyberspace (Road)
Level R Cyberspace (Wing 0)
Level 5 Cyberspace (Botbounce)
Level 6 - Executive (15)
Level 6 Cyberspace (Eel Zapper)
Level 8 Cyberspace (TriopToe)
Destroyable No
Stackable Yes
Don't play on company time!

The Trioptimum Fun Pack Module (Trioptimum Entertainment Pak) is a software program found in System Shock.

List of Mini-Games

(also known as Trioptimum Entertainment Packs)


  • If the horrors of Citadel Station get to be too much for you to take, find yourself a Trioptimum Fun Pack Module, and settle down for some relaxing fun.

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