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Trioptimum Fun Pack Module
FunPack Module Icon
Type Software Programs
First Found on Level 1 Cyberspace (Ping)
Level 2 Cyberspace (Road)
Level R Cyberspace (Wing 0)
Level 5 Cyberspace (Botbounce)
Level 6 - Executive (15)
Level 6 Cyberspace (Eel Zapper)
Level 8 Cyberspace (TriopToe)
Destructible No
Stackable Yes
Don't play on company time!

The Trioptimum Fun Pack Module or Trioptimum Entertainment Pak is a software program found in System Shock.

List of Fun Pack Modules


  • If the horrors of Citadel Station get to be too much for you to take, find yourself a Trioptimum Fun Pack Module, and settle down for some relaxing fun.
  • Wing 0, 15 and TriopToe games were not available in the original floppy disc version of the game.
  • Originally 8 games were planned, as seen in the GAMES menu and the game files. Interestingly enough (when comparing with the original floppy version), while Game4, Game5 and Game7 were replaced by 15, TriopToe and Wing 0 respectively, Game6 and Game8 were left unchanged. The rest of the games were cut most probably because of the time limit on game release.

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