Type Key Item
Research Object
First Found on Hydroponics Deck
Researchable Yes, Research skill: 1
Research Time 10:00 (max)
Chemicals Needed Sb @ 5%,
V @ 10%,
Sb @ 40,1%
Stackable No
Recycleable No
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code anti-annelid toxin
Toxin-A is a potent biological weapon that was made by the scientists aboard the Von Braun. It works by directly attacking annelid tissue upon contact, hence why it was used to clear the elevator shaft of annelid overgrowth. There are five vials of Toxin-A (only four are required by the Soldier to progress to the next deck) that are available only in the Hydroponics Deck.


Toxin-A is stored in a highly pressurized vessel due to it quickly evaporating at standard conditions. It is recommended that it is inserted into an environment control panel immediately upon opening for maximum effect. The toxin is notably non-toxic to humans as it is just an inverted protein, which a scientist on the Von Braun discovered is toxic to annelids.

Toxin-A must be researched before it can be used, requiring small amounts of Antimony and Vanadium, and a research skill of 1.

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