The Tinker O/S Upgrade reduces the Nanite cost of weapon upgrade attempts with Modify by 50%.


Because of how many French-Epstein Devices and pre-modded weapons are in the game, Tinker is typically considered completely useless in normal games. Even at high difficulties, where the Nanite costs would make a difference, most player builds simply forego Modify entirely, whether in favor of better Maintenance, more carrying capacity for spare weapons, or both.

In cooperative games, however, it can be worth having one party member select Tinker. Since the number of FEDs does not increase with players, they go from being in uncommon but sufficient supply to being incredibly scarce in very short order. And not only does cooperative gameplay use the Nanite economics of the Hard difficulty (125% replicator prices), but Nanites picked up during gameplay are divided among all players! Tinker becomes quite prudent if someone needs a modded Exotic Weapon, where the modify costs are 50 and 75 Nanites per attempt.

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