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Tier Four powers all cost 4 Psi points to use. The Tier Four ability increases your maximum Psi points by 8.

List of Powers

Photonic Redirection

5 seconds + 5 seconds per PSI. Security Cameras and all enemies (excluding SHODAN and her avatars) cannot see you. Firing a weapon or using another Psi power stops the effect.

Remote Pattern Detection

1 minute per PSI. Shows the location of many useful items, including Nanites, ammo, hypos, implants and audio logs.

Electron Suppression

3 seconds per PSI. Immobilize any robotic target. Does not work on Half-Mechanical targets, SHODAN and her avatars.

Psychogenic Endurance

2 minutes + 1 minute per PSI. Endurance stat is increased by 2.

Molecular Transmutation

Converts ammo clips and hypos into nanites.

Remote Circuitry Manipulation

Allows you to hack using PSI stat instead of Cybernetic Affinity stat and hack skill, manipulation and Psi points instead of nanites.

Cerebro-Energetic Extension

10 seconds per PSI. Temporarily replaces the Psi Amp with an equipped melee weapon that does 18 standard type damage (or 24 with Smasher O/S Upgrade).