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Thomas Suarez
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction UNN
Status Alive (presumed)
Location UNN Rickenbacker (original)
Von Braun (former)
Escape Pod 0832
Game(s) System Shock 2
System Shock 3
Voice Actor Rob Caminos
Don't stop, Rebecca. Keep moving. Get to the escape pods on the command deck. We'll take off, set the toaster to wake us up in 30 years and we'll be back on Earth before you know it. A toaster built for two, baby, that's our next stop. Sound good? So let's do it. I won't take any excuses...
~ Thomas Suarez, July 12th, 2114

Thomas Suarez is a character in System Shock 2. Suarez was a crewman on the UNN Rickenbacker, later transferred to the Von Braun. He and his fiancee, Rebecca Siddons, survived and escaped the Von Braun. He is set to return in the upcoming System Shock 3.


Before the takeover of the Von Braun, Suarez attempted to persuade Captain Diego to transfer him to the Von Braun to be with his fiancee, Rebecca Siddons.

Siddons suspected things were awry when the Von Braun's Hydroponics Deck was cleared, so she and Suarez met on the Von Braun to make an escape plan.

During the Many's takeover of the Von Braun, Suarez and Siddons worked together to escape the ship as the situation deteriorated, evading Sgt. Bronson's security squad, XERXES, the Many, and others as they made their way towards the escape pods on the Command Deck.

Suarez and Siddons were briefly separated. Suarez helped the Resistance set up their transmitter on the Recreation Deck in exchange for information on Siddons' whereabouts.

Suarez and Siddons reunite and manage to escape the Von Braun aboard the last escape pod. However, as Suarez received soldier's all-clear transmission, Suarez discovered that Siddons had apparently been possessed by SHODAN.


Suarez and Siddons are always at least one step ahead of soldier for much of the game. The protagonist never meets them directly, but glimpses them once on the Command Deck, where he watches them through a red glass barrier as they are chased towards the escape pods by a Rumbler. Soldier also gets to see their pod take off from the Von Braun a short time later. Suarez drops the bridge keycard on the ground before he leaves, allowing the protagonist to access the bridge.

Audio Logs

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Engineering Deck
Operations Deck
Recreation Deck
Command Deck