System Shock 2 − Audio Log
From Prefontaine
LOG0810-The Many and Us
Subject re: The Many and us
Date 12.JUL.14
Recipient -
Level Body of the Many
Besides the parasitic behavior evidenced in the life cycle of the human/annelid hybrids, it's becoming clear to me that SHODAN has bred the Many to use humans for other purposes. First of all, the Many clearly has the capability to convert human flesh to energy... It can eat us. But it can also directly use us in the creation of its egg pods... Corpses are fed into some kind of tubular structure... And eggs are birthed through a nearby tube. I've been unable to determine whether the organism is directly converting the corpses into the egg structures or not, but it's clear that there's some connection between the nutrient pool we provide and the eggs that are being produced.
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