System Shock 2 - E-Mail
EM0506-The Cancer
Subject re: The cancer
Date 12.JUL.14
Recipient SOLDIER G65434-2
Level Recreation Deck
Location Athletic Facilities after activating Transmitter (Sim Units reprogrammed).
The transmission has been tampered with. No matter. We will destroy my creations right here. Stand by... I have weakened Xerxes. I am accessing the primary data loop. I am merging my entity with the ship. My glory is expanding, filling the arteries of this vessel. I am in control. I am... no... it is hopeless... the cancer has spread throughout the Von Braun... they fill every available crack and crevice... they overwhelm... There is no option. I have activated the primary elevator shaft... take it to Deck 6. I will tell you my wishes when you arrive.
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