• The Hacker hacks into TetraCorp.
  • A TetraCorp refrigerator.
  • TetraCorp Power Battle Armor.
  • A TetraCorp Keypad.
  • A TetraCorp Door Switch.
TetraCorp is a corporation in System Shock series that competes with TriOptimum.


  • Tetra is four in both ancient (τέτταρες) and modern Greek (τέσσερα).
  • TetraCorp is responsible for minority of systems and technology onboard the Von Braun in System Shock 2, such as keypads and other standardized controls for doors, elevators and hatches, as well as refrigerators.
  • In System Shock's outro, the Hacker successfully breaks into TetraCorp's corporate network and discovers the blueprints of the Power Battle Armor. This armour eventually made its way into another Looking Glass Studios video game, Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri in 1996.
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