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Tau Ceti V is the fifth planet orbiting the Tau Ceti System.

The Tau Ceti solar system is found in the constellation Cetus with a sun that is similar to ours except it is only 78% of our Sun's mass. It is one of the few nearby stars with a distance of 12 light years away from the Earth.

When the Von Braun left on February 3rd, 2114, it took barely five months for the ship to reach the Tau Ceti system. On June 14 of the same year, an unknown transmission was detected from the 5th planet of Tau Ceti.

Upon arriving on the surface, crew members found eggs lying in a semi-circle in the middle of what looked like a crash crater. Bayliss found an electrical wafer and knew that Dr. Janice Polito would have some use for it.

Unknown to the entire crew, the eggs were actually from a garden Grove on Citadel Station where SHODAN processing component 43893 was performing an experiment. This Beta Grove was jettisoned just before the Hacker destroyed SHODAN's primary dataloop.


  • The climate on the planet's surface is described as hot and humid as the Hydroponics Deck was set to that temperature to simulate the conditions on the surface.
  • Nothing is known about the other planets in the Tau Ceti system except that, by implication, there are at least another four.
  • In real life, the existence of planets around the star Tau Ceti was not confirmed until 2012, thirteen years after System Shock 2 was released. At least four planets are known to orbit the star, with inconclusive evidence showing at least three more may exist.
    • At time of writing, the planets of the Tau Ceti system are named after the English alphabet, not Roman numerals as in the System Shock 2.