System Shock 2 - Audio Log
From Bayliss
LOG0701-Tau Ceti
Subject re: Tau Ceti
Date 26.JUN.14
Recipient -
Level UNN Rickenbacker
Location At the Umbilical to Von Braun, near the Grav Shafts.
We arrived planet side via the shuttle on June 15th at 0800 hours. Korenchkin was the first one out the door, never even bothering to do a level B Hazard Suit exam. Not wanting to let that little TriOp suit get a head start, Diego went right after him. I thought it was crazy, sending the senior officer of the Rickenbacker down to the surface of an uncharted body, but both those idiots were going to get all the glory for the UNN and TriOp they could. Damn, time for inspection... more later.
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