Target Identifier

Target Identifier

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Type Hardware Attachment
The Target Identifier is a hardware attachment found in System Shock.

This module combines a laser rangefinder and radar scanner to identify foes and analyze their condition. Later versions track an enemy in combat with brackets in the view screen, especially useful in dark corridors.

Higher versions of the targeting analyzer monitors your shot effectiveness, printing messages such as Normal Damage next to your target during combat. A lucky shot or a powerful hit against a weak creature may reward you with the message Major Damage. A light hit will register Minor Damage or even No Damage. If you get No Damage repeatedly in a skirmish, your ammo’s probably too light to harm the enemy. Switch weapons or retreat from combat.


To track a creature, use one of these two methods...

  • Use the creature in the view screen (double-left-click or a-left-click on it).
  • Select the "TARGETING INFO" hardware from the "HARDWARE" section of your Inventory Panel.

Use the following buttons for tracking...

TARGET Turns on the tracking system and tracks the nearest creature until it dies.
NEAR Find the nearest creature and select it as the new target. The arrow buttons cycle through all targets within range, moving the targeting brackets from creature to creature.

Range, type of target and other information displays in the TARGET MFD when a creature is targeted. More sophisticated versions display more information, including a target’s health and temperament. Once you kill a creature, your total number of kills appears in the TARGET MFD.


Version Energy Usage Function
v1 0 JPM Displays target range and ID.
v2 0 JPM Displays target range, damage, and attitude (hostile, cautious, etc).
v3 0 JPM Displays complete target info, including HUD damage feedback (minor, severe, etc).
v4 0 JPM Displays complete target info, including auto-acquire (locks onto target).

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