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Mining Laser
Tachyon Laser Mining Beam is a gigantic Laser aboard Citadel Station. Most likely it was added to the station due to the major plans of the TriOptimum to negotiate with United Earth Miners' Conglomerate over rights to Saturn's moons with subsequent taxing of the shipping lines in the sector.[1] It was also acknowledged that the laser can easily be modified for military use and used to defend the station from possible invasion.[2]

SHODAN was planning on using it to destroy many of Earth's cities. Nathan D'Arcy recognized its danger and worked on its neutralization. At first he considered firing it prematurely however the possibility of it already being targeted on Earth could not be neglected. Therefore he proposed another plan, to raise the station's energy shield using Isotope X-22 and then firing the laser which would lead to its overload and destruction. This plan was ultimately carried out by the Hacker.


  • Laserbad

    SHODAN's mail attachment.

    If the Hacker fires the Laser before raising the Shield, it indeed hits the Earth with devastating consequences, exactly as D'Arcy feared. After that, the Hacker receives a mocking message from SHODAN, leading to a non-standard game over.


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