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TS-04 Laser Rapier
Weapon Data
First Found Level 3 - Maintenance
Destructible No
Attack Type Melee (Energy)
Damage 200
Armor Penetration 80
Offense Value 5
Range 2
If you’d ever trained with the TS-04 Laser Rapier, you’d know exactly what I’m taking about. Sure, they’re short on range — that’s why they’re listed in the Close Combat section of the TriOpt Supply Catalog, genius. All I know is, armed with one of those, I’d face just about anything. Except maybe a Sec-2 ’bot. I’m not crazy. You see this scar?
~ Alan Rivers

The TS-04 Laser Rapier is a weapon used in System Shock.


This energized lance projects a mono-filament thread that is suspended in a contained energy field. Upon contact, the thread slices through organic and synthetic materials, permanently disabling most creatures and robots. The Rapier is usually carried only by senior security officers and military commanders.

It's important to remember that this weapon uses energy. It deals no damage if the reserves are depleted.

The player can use the Rapier to clean up the Station of nearby unwanted objects by striking them. However, using the SparqBeam is a much better idea, as it has practically unlimited range, is easier to aim and also much more energy-efficient on lower energy settings (ideally between o and w letters).

After it was used by the Hacker during the Citadel Station incident, the Laser Rapier became a sought after weapon. Street vendors would sell its replicas for 40 Nanites in New Detroit.


  • Most of the weapons' names in System Shock are derived from the initials of the game's makers. In this case, TS stands for Tim Stellmach.
  • The Mark IV Laser Rapier is an inferior version of this weapon, used during the 22nd century.