TC-5 Fusion Cannon
Weapon Data
First Found on Recreation Deck
Requirements Strength: 4
Heavy Weapons: 6
Researchable No
Maintenance 3
Modification 4 (1st) / 6 (2nd)
Repairing 4
Ammunition Prisms
Magazine Size 40 / 80
Attack Types Normal Mode
Death Mode
Damage 20 (Normal Mode)
30 (Death Mode)
Summon Code fusion cannon

Early experimentation with atomic fusion yielded disappointing and potentially dangerous results. However, scientific tolerances were considerably lower in the UNN military specifications, so TriOp rushed headlong into production on these god-forsaken devices.
~ Dr. Marie Delacroix, Von Braun Chief Engineer

The TC-5 Fusion Cannon is a usable weapon in System Shock 2 and the last non-organic weapon you can find. This weapon fires a slow, powerful projectile that explodes on impact.


The Fusion Cannon requires Heavy Weapons skill level 6 and Strength 4 to use. No research is required.


There are three Fusion Cannons in the game:

Ammunition Type

Prisms icon corrected Prisms - Crystal prisms which are good energy storage mediums and allows the Stasis Field Generator to operate.

Damage Table

Annelid Half-Annelid Mech Half-Mech Final Boss
Energy x0.5 x1 x2 x1 x0.5

Firing Modes

  • Normal Mode - It fires a slow projectile when the trigger is pulled.
  • Death Mode - It fires a even slower projectile when the trigger is pulled, but deals significantly more damage.


  • Upgrade 1 - Increases clip size from 40 to 80 and increases damage by 10%.
  • Upgrade 2 - Increases damage to a total of 25%.


  • Due to the slow projectile speed this weapon should only be used on slow/stationary foes, such as Turrets and droids.
  • DEATH mode inflicts more damage and has a larger blast radius but doesn't use any extra amount of ammunition. Arguably, it should be used as the default firing mode.
  • Although it's a level 6 weapon, the Grenade Launcher can deal a lot more damage. This is partly due to the fact that level 6 weapons do not receive any bonus damage from combat skills.
    • The Fusion Cannon can only deal 100% more damage to fully mechanical opponents, while EMP Grenades can deal 300% more damage to them. Moreover, the Grenade Launcher has different types of ammo to handle different types of enemies.
  • Prisms are commonly found later in the game and are very inexpensive to purchase. In fact, only standard bullets are cheaper than prisms.
  • In later parts of the game, the Fusion Cannon can by used by Heavy Weapons specialists as a replacement for the Pistol to eliminate Security Camera and Grubs.
  • The Fusion Cannon can seriously hurt you when used at close range. It's best to use another weapon when fighting these enemies.
  • This weapon shares its ammo with the Stasis Field Generator. It's usually best to choose one or the other as your secondary weapon.


  • This weapon is marked with the number 397 on its chassis, along with indecipherable letters below.
  • The Fusion Cannon is similar to both the BFG9000 in classic Doom games and the BFG10k in Quake 2. All these weapons fire slow, green projectiles which are capable of dealing a large amount of damage to all enemies within the blast radius.

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