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This is a list of all enemies in System Shock.


Humanoid Mutant: Standard mutant, shambles around and does melee damage.

Zero-Grav Mutant: Spherical enemies, float in place.

Inviso-Mutant: Transparent mutants, hard to kill, found only on level 3.

Avian Mutant: Flying mutants.

Gorilla-Tiger: Mutant hybrid of a gorilla and a tiger, found in the groves.

Virus Mutant: More powerful that the humanoid mutants, but behave similarly.

Plant Mutant: Found in the groves and throw projectiles.


Autobomb: Self-destructing enemies that will chase the hacker.

Exec-Bot: Robots built for executive purposes.

Flier-Bot: Flying bots.

Hopper: Hopping enemies that shoot with their laser.

Maintenance-Bot: Bug like bots that repair Citadel Station.

Repair-Bot: Scorpion robots that sting with their tail.

Security-1-Bot: Security bots.

Security-2-Bot: More powerful security bots.

Serv-Bot: Weaker robots that are found on early/lower levels.


Cyborg Drone: Standard cyborg, fire projectiles.

Cyborg Assassin: Cyborgs that shoot projectiles and shurikens.

Cyborg Warrior: Cyborgs more powerful than the cyborg drones.

Cyborg Enforcer: Powerful cyborgs that are found in later levels.

Cyborg Elite Guard: Rare enemies that are found on higher levels.

Cortex Reaver: Enemies that appear both in cyberspace and in Citadel Station, although they are more rare outside of cyberspace.

Mutated Cyborg: A lager cyborg that deals greater damage.

Diego Cyborg: A mini boss that appears several times throughout the station.


Cyberdog: Standard enemies that shoot at the hacker.

Cyberguards: Guards that protect cyberspace and shoot projectiles.

Hunter-Killer: Rare and more powerful enemies.

Cortex Reaver: Enemies that appear both in cyberspace and in Citadel Station, although they are more common inside of cyberspace.

SHODAN: The leader of Citadel Station, she is found on the bridge.

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