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This is a list of all achievements in System Shock: Enhanced Edition released as of the Source Port update.

  • Nice Jump, Human - You skated down the ramp in Storage. NJHGNJHGN
  • It’s Over - You finished System Shock! IOGIOGN
  • Look at you, Hacker - Finish the game on all the maximum difficulties. LAYHGLAYHGN
  • Hacker - Open the hospital storage room in cyberspace. HGHGN
  • Can’t look at you, Hacker - Reach an overall level security rating of 0% on Citadel Station. CLAYHGCLAYHGN
  • Using your Head - You gained access to the maintenance office on Level 3. UYHGUYHGN
  • Come, Stay a While - She wants to keep you, but at least you came all this way. * Achievement PlaceholderGAchievement placeholder
  • Super Hacker - Defeat SHODAN in 30 seconds after entering final cyberspace. * Achievement PlaceholderGAchievement placeholder
  • First Email - You have received your first email. * Achievement PlaceholderGAchievement placeholder

Note: * = Beta Exclusive (as of now)

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