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System Analyzer
Type Hardware Attachment
First Found on Level 1 - Hospital (v1)
Destructible No

The System Analyzer is a hardware attachment found in System Shock.

This diagnostic device continuously monitors the status of Citadel Station's systems. The information is divided into three sections: General, Computer and Groves.

The first section shows the percentage of current level's security (aka SHODAN’s level of control of that area), which drops as you destroy Security Cameras and Computer Nodes, and the current status of Tachyon Laser Mining Beam, Life Pods, Station's Shield and the Reactor.

The second section informs of the number of intact CPU Nodes, current Communication Speed and the Main Program. Finally, the third section shows the information on the Groves' status.


This attachment does not have its MFD button, a side icon or activation key. Instead, select "STATUS" from the "HARDWARE" inventory tab to use it. To move between pages, left-click on the arrows.


Only one version of this attachment exists, and it does not drain any energy.