Strength Booster
Strength Booster icon
Type Hypo
First Found on MedSci Deck
Researchable No
Stackable Yes
Recycleable Yes, 2 Nanites / Hypo
Transmutative Yes
Duplicative 1 for 20 Nanites
Summon Code strength boost
The Strength Booster hypo temporarily increases Strength by one point, up to a maximum of eight points, for 5 minutes (6 minutes with Pharmo-Friendly O/S Upgrade). It is important to note that the effect will automatically expire, possibly unequipping items or dropping them from your inventory, if the player goes through a Bulkhead or any other level transition or even loads the game in which the booster have been used before saving. Length of the effect does not accumulate with more hypos used. Therefore it's advisable to use them one-by-one as they stop working.

Vita-Hyb, the makers of the hypo, have been rumored to sell surgically implantable Strength-Boost drip packages for athletes, though such things are, of course, highly illegal.

The Strength Booster is extremely rare as an item pickup. Throughout the entire game only two of them can be found: first early on MedSci and the second one on Hydroponics Deck on a female body near the O/S Upgrade machine.

Thankfully, they can be easily purchased at a number of Replicators.

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