Soma Transference is a Tier Five psionic discipline that allows you to steal hit points (10 HP + 5 HP per PSI over 5) from targeted (non-robotic) creatures, and transfer them to yourself.

This PSI power actually benefits from a PSI level up to 10, but needs an PSI overload for that. In other words, the player needs PSI 8 (or higher) obtained in any way and THEN overload the power. The maximum HP taken from the enemy would be 35, in the best case:

PSI Level HP transferred
1-5 10
6 15
7 20
8 25
9 30
10 35

Strategic Analysis

  • This power combines well with Metacreative Barrier ; trap a monster with psionic barriers, then drain all of its hit points away.
  • It's important not to spam-use this power, as it will not work if used too often. Make a pause of at least 2 seconds (or simplier: until the power's graphic effects disappear) before casting again.
  • This power does not work on Annelid Swarms.
  • This Power is particularly effective when fighting The Brain of The Many. You need not have to destroy the three Defense Nodes that protect the Brain, just use Soma Transference and the Brain will explode.

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