Soda icon.png
Type Drink
First Found on MedSci Deck
Dropped by Pipe Hybrid (25%) x2
Researchable No
Stackable No
Recycleable Yes, 1 Nanite
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code soda can

Soda is a refreshing beverage, a mixture of carbonated water and corn syrup, and was invented in the early part of the 20th century. For such a trivial-seeming product, soda and similar beverages fueled the rise of the first two mega-corporations, the names of which are illegal to be published by UNN Information Ordnance #234/fd34. Net rumors suggest that these two corporations' marketing skirmishes turned into physical ones, triggered by the destruction of offshore bottling plants by hired mercenary squads in 2023.

Drinking a soda restores 1 Hit Point.


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