The Smasher O/S Upgrade allows the player to perform overhand melee attacks with increased damage.
Hold attack to perform. The damage increase is very similar to Lethal Weapon, except for the Crystal Shard which receives over 100% damage increase due to a bug.

Damage Table[1]

Weapon Normal base damage Smasher base damage
Wrench 7 9
Mark IV Laser Rapier 11 14
Crystal Shard 12 27
Cerebro-Energetic Extension 18 24


  • Essential for melee-focused characters, especially when stacked with Lethal Weapon.
  • When planning to get both Lethal Weapon and Smasher, Lethal Weapon should usually be acquired first.
  • Including the time to prepare a swing, performing a smash attack takes about twice as long as a normal attack. Therefore, using Smasher when in front of an enemy will actually lower your damage output (except when using the Crystal Shard, in which case it's a wash). The overhand attack is mostly useful if prepped before approaching the enemy.
  • There's also a slight drawback that it's harder to aim on a vertical plane rather than a horizontal one. Keep your crosshairs centered on your foe, though, and you should do fine.
  • In some versions of the game, the Laser Rapier's damage seems to be unaffected by Smasher.



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