Small Beaker
Type Tool
First Found on Engineering Deck
Researchable No
Stackable No
Recycleable No
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code small beaker

Shielded Beakers are usable for medical and chemical experimentation, and storing and transporting small amounts of hazardous materials. While most DNA infusion clipping is done via protein databases, this Small Beaker is still an effective way to test new compounds of both carbon and non-carbon based compounds.

The player can use Beakers to carry Annelid Worms – the ammunition for Viral Proliferator and Annelid Launcher.

Use: Dragging a Small Beaker to a Worm Pile converts it into ammunition, Worm Clusters.

Yield: 4 Worm Clusters.


  • Intending to specialize in Exotic Weapons, the player should start cumulating and converting Beakers into Worm Clusters early in the game. They are arguably the rarest form of ammunition.
  • When the inventory space is tight, it's sensible to start memorizing closest Worm Piles to avoid empty Beakers taking space needlessly. Curiously, Worm ammunition stacks in inventory, but empty Beakers do not.
  • Worm Clusters give good Recycler yield for players not focusing on Exotic Weapons.

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