Slug Turret
Slug Turret
Enemy Stats
First Encounter MedSci Deck
Hit Points 48
Damage 3x2
Damage Type Standard
Splash Damage No
Explosion: 8 max (Standard)
distance dependent
Speed Immobile, slowly turning
Weakness Armor Piercing ammo (4x)
EMP attacks (4x)
Energy attacks (2x)
Electron Suppression
Loot 6 Standard Bullets (50%)
nothing (50%)
Summon Code slug turret
One of the standard TriOptimum military defensive emplacements, MP-411 Slug Turrets are the most basic of the Turrets encountered by the player.
They can be distinguished from the other Turrets by their grey steel armour. They're equipped with a slug gun that fires at a fast rate, but deals low to moderate damage. Slug Turrets can take a fair amount of punishment before being destroyed.


Deemed excessive by TriOp, the UNN demanded that security Turrets be installed in key places on the Von Braun. As the Von Braun was the first faster than light capable craft, it would also be travelling outside of patrolled space and be therefore vulnerable to attack and/or boarding by unknown assailants. What made the TriOp execs and the crew of the Von Braun uncomfortable, however, was the fact that the control codes to the Turret's AI structures were only available to the military crew of the Rickenbacker. However, there were numerous instances of the Turrets being sent offline by anonymous hacks by the crew of the Von Braun. This unit is armed with the AM534/3 slug throwing unit. While deadly, the standard ammunition in the unit has minimal armor piercing capabilities (most likely as a precaution if one needed to be shut down by armored UNN marines).


  • The most effective way to deal with Turrets is to hack a Security Computer to power them down. Then they can be hacked or destroyed safely.
  • The explosion of these Turrets deals distance-dependent splash damage - the further we are, the less damage we'll receive. The maximum 10 Hit Points is dealt only in the very center of explosion (after summoning the Turret), so in reality the biggest harm their explosion can cause is 8 HP.

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