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Severed Heads
Type Key Item (Abe Ghiran's)
Junk Items (rest)
First Found on Level 1 - Hospital
Level 3 - Maintenance (Abe Ghiran's)
Destructible No (Abe Ghiran's)
Yes (rest)
Stackable No

Severed Heads are items found in System Shock.


Gruesome relics of SHODAN's hostile takeover of Citadel Station, these gory remains of the crew and executives serve no useful purpose in the game, with one notable exception: Abe Ghiran's head is needed to get by the retinal scanner to enter his office on Maintenance Level. Without it, you cannot beat the game. His head cannot be destroyed as it's a key item. The rest of the heads may be disposed of, preferably using weak energy weapons (such as Sparq Beam) on lower settings.

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