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Security computer

A Security Computer on the MedSci Deck

TriOptimum Security Computers, also known as Security Control Stations, are usable devices in System Shock 2. They are found throughout the Von Braun and the UNN Rickenbacker.


Security Computers are interactive wall-mounted objects. They terminate active security alerts if used when they're not broken.

Hacking Security Computers requires Hack skill level 1. Activating an ICE node during the process breaks the device and sets off an alarm. Successful Hacking disables ship's security system for a limited time. That time depends on the location of the Security Computer and the CYB statistic of the player. Security is only disabled locally: leaving the area using a Bulkhead, ladder or an Elevator enables it instantly. When security is disabled, Cameras and Turrets do not treat the Player as a threat.


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