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Sec2Bot Icon

Enemy Stats
First Encounter Reactor Level
Most Common Security Level
Preferred Weapon EMP Grenade
Plasma Rifle
RF-07 Skorpion (Big Slag)
Mag-Pulse Rifle
Primary Attack Projectile
Damage (per Hit) 65
Attack Range 7
Hit Points 300
Perception High
Disruptability 5%
Armor Value 50
Defense Value 5
Loot 2 of the following:
Hollow-Tip 2100 Clip
Heavy Slug 2100 Clip
Mark3 Magnesium-Tips
Mark3 Penetrators

The Security-2-Bot is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


Like a walking tank, this heavily-armed and armored sentinel will be found protecting the highest-security stations against attack. Two Gatling-style cannons and three mounted 20mm guns make this robot a perfect combat machine.
~ Catalog of Robotic Assistants on Citadel Station

Security-2-Bots are robots tasked with being part of Citadel Station's security.


The strategy for these enemies is very similar to those of the Security-1 Bots, and as such they can be seen as upgraded versions of them.

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