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Enemy Stats
First Encounter Level 2 - Research
Most Common Level 3 - Maintenance
Preferred Weapon EMP Grenade
Mag-Pulse Rifle
Primary Attack Energy Projectile
Damage (per Hit) 35
Attack Range 8
Hit Points 170
Armor Value 40
Defense Value 4
Disruptability 15%
Perception Medium
Loot 2 of the following:
ML Teflon Rounds
Hollow-Tip 2100 Clip
Heavy Slug 2100 Clip
AM Hornet Clip
AM Splinter Clip
Mark3 Magnesium
I was working late one night, when the power went out in the Delta Repair Quad. The blast door shut down, and I couldn’t see to get the hatch open for the override crank. So while I was working on it, this security-1 ’bot comes gliding up out of the dark, not making a sound. It stopped and started scanning me. It just hung there in the air in front of me. For just a second, I swear I thought it was going to open fire. It scared the hell out of me. I hate those things...
~ Abe Ghiran, Citadel Station
Maintenance Level Supervisor

The Security-1-Bot or Security-1 Robot is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


Based on recent military designs, this airborne security enforcement robot has proven effective in protecting and patrolling virtually any region. It possesses two very potent ion pulse cannons with high-speed cooling, and its detainment claws apprehend suspicious trespassers. In addition, its program includes 12 nanoseconds of decision time for responding to threats.
~ Catalog of Robotic Assistants on Citadel Station

Security-1 Robots are tasked with being part of Citadel Station's security. They appear very frequently through the vast majority of the game. They are very dangerous at first and actually remain a threat even at the later levels. SHODAN uses them as one of the backbone forces until the Security Level, where they are ousted by their next generation, Security-2-Bots.

Sec-1-Bots can actually hover above the ground and travel through the air, being one the very few enemies that are able to do so.


As with all the robots, magnetic weapons deal the most damage. Thus the Magpulse and EMP Grenades are the natural choices. Magnum 2100 is also a good option.