No offense, Doctor, but I don't like Sarah. Sarah makes people like me very nervous.
~ William Diego to Marie Delacroix about Sarah
Sarah can be built. She will crack open the galaxy. She will eliminate mystery from the universe.
~ Janice Polito about Sarah

Sarah was the first functional device capable of propelling matter at faster than light speeds by collapsing space. A wondrous breakthrough, she was created by Marie Delacroix using the current generation of simulation protocols. It was designed for Anatoly Korenchkin, and would allow TriOptimum to monopolize the new technology of FTL travel.

Dr. Delacroix openly voiced her concerns about the potential side effects of this technology and protested against the corporation's rushing deadlines, believing that she would need another 5 years to complete the prototype. Meanwhile, the UNN, who regulated technology, knew a lot about Sarah. On behalf of UNN, William Diego offered to help Delacroix.

A UNN Senate sub-committee convened to discuss the matter of Sarah. They allowed an additional 3 months of development time before reaching a finished prototype by 2112. The first ship that was equipped with this technology, was the Von Braun.

Sarah is not mentioned by that name in System Shock 2. Presumably XERXES was employed to run Sarah.

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