Sabo Engle
Sabo engle
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Deceased
Location Citadel StationStorage
Game(s) System Shock

Sabo Engle was in charge of the Storage Level. In his office he stored a Enviro-Suit.

Ed Aubry complained to him about his new moving schedule. He also notified him that robots were rebuilding the storage rooms.

By 12 October Zachary Aaron heard that Engle was dead and he could not get an enviro-suit from him. However he was alive and later planned to stop the plague spreading in the Executive Level. He planned to take an envirosuit but he did not make it to the storage cell where Greg MacLeod was keeping it.

It is not clear when Engle dies. A log dated October 12th mentions his death, but Engle then records a log at a later date.

Audio Logs

Level 4 - Storage


  • Engle's in-game portrait is a scanned photo of Rob "Xemu" Fermier, one of the game's developers.

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