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SV-23 Dart Pistol
Weapon Data
First Found Level 1 - Hospital
Destructible No
Operation Semi-Automatic
Ammunition Needles
Tranq Needles
Attack Type Projectile
Damage 15 per Hit (Needle)
5 per Hit (Tranq)
Armor Penetration 6 (Needle)
0 (Tranq)
Offense Value 2 (Needle)
3 (Tranq)
Range 20

The SV-23 Dart Pistol is a weapon found in System Shock. It provides excellent control of laboratory animals, delivering an explosive bite or a paralyzing neurotoxin.


Despite firing with an unimpressive "whap" the Dart Pistol will do an admirable job of keeping Humanoid Mutants and lower-level Cyborgs at bay until you can obtain a stronger firearm such as a Minipistol.

Stick to the Needle Packs. Tranq Needles are near-useless as their paralyzing effect doesn't last very long on the mutated lifeforms aboard Citadel and does nothing against robotic threats. At most they will buy you a few seconds to either finish off the paralyzed target with a melee weapon or make an escape.

If you run out of Needle Packs early on you're generally better off switching to a SparqBeam.

Ammunition Types

Needle Darts Icon.png NeedleDarts.png Needle Packs (15) - Micro-Explosives embedded in needle housing.
Tranq Darts Icon.png TranqDarts.png Tranq Needles (15) - Paralyzing neurotoxin in needle housing.


  • Most of the weapons' names in System Shock are derived from the initials of the game's makers. In this case, SV stands for Sara Verrilli.