System Shock - Audio Log
From Mira Stackhouse
Mira Stackhouse
SHODAN's Presence
Subject Shodan's Presence
Date 15.OCT.72
Recipient -
Level Level 1 - Hospital
Location Inside the room opposite to the Healing Suite's exit.
This morning Gunther was killed by one of the mutants.  I have no time to dwell on the death of my husband, unless I want soon to join him.  I think I understand now what SHODAN is doing.  After destroying a bank of security cameras, the elevators almost came back on line.  Somehow Shodan must combine power from the CPU nodes with a constant input stream in order to maintain control over the station's systems.  If I can diminish the fiend's "presence" here, I believe I can restore manual controls to the hospital level.  Gunther, I'll stop him, I swear.
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