RunFast™ Implant
Type Unused
Researchable No
Stackable No
Recycleable Yes, 10 Nanites
Transmutative No
Duplicative No
Summon Code runfast

The RunFast™ is an unused Implant found only in the game files of System Shock 2. It doubles the player's speed, exactly like the Speed Booster hypo, burning up 1% of its charge every 10 seconds.

Contrary to SwiftBoost™ Implant that speeds up reaction times for the entire body, RunFast™ concentrates on stimulating the leg muscles. However, both Implants look identical.


  • Even with low Agility level, this implant makes you move so fast that any impact with terrain may result in damage or death.
    With that in mind, it's very useful for moving down long corridors quickly, especially on the decks of the Von Braun. In the later stages of the game the spaces are possibly too tight with too many items to collide with.
  • A safe approach to use it is to move only while crouching (it's faster than regular movement without RunFast™). That way getting hurt is way harder, only possible when stepping over an uneven terrain or object.
  • This could potentially be used as an alternative to increasing the Agility skill. It should be noted though that the Agility still needs to be increased to meet the minimum requirement for the Mark IV Laser Rapier.
  • RunFast™ does not influence weapon kickback nor damage from falls.
  • Cybernetically Enhanced O/S Upgrade allows to combine this implant with SwiftBoost™ for even more speed.
  • This implant can also be combined with Speed Booster hypo, giving quadruple boost of speed. Watch out, as even crouching probably won't prevent you from accidental damage or even instant death when bumping into the walls or other surfaces!
  • Of course, this might be good for speedrunning (if rules allow using summon_obj).


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