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Enemy Stats
First Encounter Post-Orbital Station (cutscene)
Engineering Deck (cutscene)
Operations Deck (cutscene)
Recreation Deck
Hit Points 220
Damage 20
Damage Type WeaponBash
Splash Damage No
Speed Very Fast
Weakness Anti-Personnel ammo (4x)
Incendiary attacks (2x)
Anti-Human attacks (2x)
Imposed Neural Restructuring
Psionic Hypnogenesis
Stasis Field Generator
Loot Rumbler Organ (30%)
nothing (70%)
Summon Code rumbler

Rumblers are semi-advanced Annelid Hybrids found aboard the Von Braun and UNN Rickenbacker in System Shock 2.


Rumblers are large and strong, covered in fleshy muscles. Few human features remain, save for its humanoid shape and an atrophied face on the creature’s shoulder. The Rumbler represents a “pupal” stage between the Hybrid and the Psi Reaver - its body is designed to protect the human host’s brain within, which itself is changing radically in preparation for the next and final stage in the Annelid life cycle. The Rumbler itself makes no use of the unconnected brain, its motor functions governed by its own cells.

Rumblers are highly aggressive, and will chase the player on sight. They possess no psychic abilities, relying on brute strength melee attacks to harm the player. They are first encountered on the Recreation Deck, and make appearances throughout the rest of the game.

Rumblers can drop a Rumbler Organ, which can be researched to earn a damage boost against them.


The Rumbler is much faster than a creature of its bulk has any right to be. Try and find a sniping position where it can't reach you, or it will rip you apart within seconds. Since its form is mostly annelid, it is particularly vulnerable to High Explosive damage which is dealt when using Anti-Personnel ammo. It is also vulnerable to Exotic Weapons' Anti-Human setting and Incendiary attacks (both Grenades and Psi Powers, namely Localized Pyrokinesis and Projected Pyrokinesis). It is resistant to Armor-Piercing Bullets. Be prepared to use a lot of ammunition to take one down.

Rumblers are rare and show up late enough into the game that if you take care to save up on special ammo, they shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Rumblers are also vulnerable to Psionic Hypnogenesis and Imposed Neural Restructuring, as well as the effects of the Stasis Field Generator.

  • Avoid combat if possible.
  • Listen. You'll hear one before you see it.
  • Engage at long to medium range.
  • Use Anti-Personnel ammunition. Rumblers are, more than anything else, the enemies you should be saving up your Anti-Personnel ammo for. Four bursts from an upgraded Pistol using Anti-Personnel Bullets are usually enough to take them out (with the Research combat bonus).
  • Circle and strafe the creature if in melee range.
  • If the blast is strong enough (such as that from a Grenade Launcher), the Rumbler will get momentarily staggered and stop in its tracks. Use this to escape while one is giving chase.
  • Rumblers are the best targets for Imposed Neural Restructuring ; their speed and strength make them powerful allies.
  • Though going into melee with one carries its obvious risks, a melee-based character can two- or even one-shot them late game using the Crystal Shard and Adrenaline Overproduction, making melee combat a surprisingly effective choice.