Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction TriOptimum
possibly The Resistance
Status Unknown (likely deceased)
Location Von BraunRecreation
Game(s) System Shock 2
Voice Actor Kemal Amarasingham

Rosenberg is a character in System Shock 2. During The Many's takeover of the Von Braun, Rosenburg was on the Recreation Deck.


Just before the takeover, Rosenburg visited the Sensual Sim Center at the Mall. The Soldier can later find his Nanites there, in the Nikki program's room.

During the takeover, Rosenburg stashed a Viral Proliferator and other useful items in a crew quarter on the Recreation Deck, and reprogrammed the lock.

Rosenburg took to guarding the Replicators in the Mall, as an expression of lawfulness.


The corpse near a smashed Replicator in the Mall his likely his.

Audio Logs

Recreation Deck

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