Restoration Bays are devices which resurrect the player when they are killed. They called Cyborg Conversion Chambers while under SHODAN's control. They are located on levels R through 7.


The device is mostly inside a cage,and has a grey wall, with a human-like shape in dark grey, and some small screens on the upper right corner. Around the human shape are five circular-shaped devices linked to each other with thin wire, possibly for defining the parts of body (arms, legs, and torso) that will be reconstructed.


  • In order to use the device successfully, the player must switch off the "cyborg conversion" process via a switch nearby. Failure to do so will result in a game over upon death.
  • There is a chance that when dying on one level, you will be resurrected on another. The chance is rare, and the exact conditions are not known, however it is known to happen while you are on the Engineering level and you end up on the Medical level (away from the Restoration Bay) upon being resurrected.


  • System Shock 2 uses a similar device known as the Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Machine. There is no "converting" process, however there is a cost of 10 Nanites to use it.
    • Both the Restoration Bay and the Quantum Bio-Reconstruction Machine would later inspire the Vita-Chamber from BioShock, the System Shock series' spiritual successor.



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