Replicator Expert
With the Replicator Expert O/S Upgrade, all items in Replicators cost 20% less.


  • Depending on play style, this upgrade may become valuable on the Impossible difficulty level. This is especially so with truly psionically oriented character builds, as Psi Hypos become more available.
  • On Easy/Normal, this upgrade will probably be of very little use as the costs in replicators are already low enough and shouldn't be a problem.
  • Combined with the Hacking skill, prices can be dropped even more.
  • It's worth noting that there are some Replicators that sell Psi Hypos at a price below normally encountered, especially when hacked. Namely, these are located at the Engineering Deck near the elevator, and at the Recreation Deck near Barracks. It's important to compare replicator prices as they aren't always the same.

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