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Enemy Stats
First Encounter Level 1 - Hospital
Most Common Level 2 - Research
Level 4 - Storage
Preferred Weapon Minipistol (Teflon Rounds)
Primary Attack Corrosive Acid Spray
Secondary Attack Energized Welding Torch
Damage (per Hit) 5 (Primary)
12 (Secondary)
Attack Range 1 (Primary)
3 (Secondary)
Hit Points 65
Armor Value 25
Defense Value 3
Disruptability 40%
Perception Medium
Loot 2 of the following:
Battery Pack (15%)
Logic Probe (5%)
nothing (80%)

The Repair-Bot or RepairBot is an enemy encountered in System Shock.


This maintenance automaton performs routine service operations in access corridors involving welding, part replacement, and circuitry repair. An insectoid chassis allows for movement along slanted architectural structures.
~ Catalog of Robotic Assistants on Citadel Station

Repair-Bots are robots tasked with performing routine repairs on Citadel Station.


To defeat these enemies it is recommended to use Minipistol's Teflon Rounds or energy weapons on lower settings.