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Von Braun
Deck 5 - Recreation
Area Information
Replicators 6 (+3 destroyed)
Upgrade Units 1
O/S Upgrade Unit 1
Recharge Stations 3
Resurrection Stations 3 / 3 maps
Security Computers 9
Enemies Grubs
Pipe Hybrids
Shotgun Hybrids
Grenade Hybrids
Red Monkeys
Slug Turrets
Laser Turrets
Protocol Droids
Security Robots
Assault Robots
Cyborg Midwives
Adult Arachnids
Cyborg Assassins
Connected Levels Operations Deck
Command Deck
Warning. Hostile AI detected. Data systems compromised.
The Recreation Deck is the fifth deck of the Von Braun, and it is visited as either the fourth or the fifth deck by the Soldier in System Shock 2.


SHODAN instructs the Soldier that to deprive XERXES of any further power, he will have to send a warning signal to Earth from the Athletics Sector, where a transmission device has been set up by members of The Resistance, including Enrique Cortez and Marie Delacroix. Unfortunately, it is powered down and needs a code to be activated. The Soldier gains access to the Athletics Sector using a keycard found in the Crew Quarters and discovers that the code to the transmission device is hidden in art terminals on the Recreation Deck. He then restores power to the Athletics Sector, and finds the code scattered in art terminals throughout the Mall, Garden and the Recreation Deck Crew Quarters. After sending off the transmission and completing the objectives on the Operations Deck, Xerxes is sufficiently powerless for SHODAN to unlock the elevator to the Command Deck, where Soldier G65434-2 goes to get into the UNN Rickenbacker and stop The Many.

Deck Layout

Recreation Map
Recreation Map 2
Recreation Map 3
This deck features the following areas:
  • Crew Quarters
    • Primary Elevator Shaft
  • Medical Annex
  • Athletics Sector
    • Gymnasium
    • Pool
  • Conference Room
  • Garden
    • Environmental Control
  • Mess/Dining Hall
  • Security Station
  • Mall
    • Shops and Boutiques
    • Theater
    • Casino
    • Stimulation Units

Recreation Senior Crew Members


New Weapons

New Armor

New Enemies

Logs and E-Mails

Audio Logs


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